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Madison’s Birth Story

I had the pleasure of documenting Madison's Birth Story last month. It was such a fun, exciting and inspiring moment to be a part of and what better way of to hear her story, than from her Mother; Katharine.

Here is Madison's Birth Story:

It was the morning after Ty, my oldest became a teenager, and I was preparing for a small birthday/sleepover party for him with a few close friends when my water broke. I immediately called my mother, my doula Raman - from The Divine Child Doula Services, my birth photographer Jenn & my Doctor (in that order) and began to prepare for the upcoming birth of my daughter, which included unravelling of Ty’s party plans. Around 5 pm my labour still really hadn’t began so I sent a message to Raman to say I may need you sooner than later to help me get things started (as I did not want to be induced with this birth), and I failed at trying to have a nap.

By 7 pm Jenn  came around to start documenting what was the beginning of my labour and shortly after Raman (my doula) showed up to help kick start this labour. Soon it was my youngest son Owen’s bedtime and Matt started his bedtime routine while Raman, Jenn and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood to continue the progression of the labour. It was wonderful to have these two with me so that Matt could focus on our son without having to worry about me, and I felt my family was taken care of, so I could focus on this labour. When we got back from our walk Owen was in bed and my mother came over to stay with the boys & Piper(Golden Doodle). As the contraction length started to increase we decided to head to the hospital with my newly formed entourage in tow. I was pleasantly surprised how relaxed and accommodating the nurses were when we came in with everyone. Our Doctor (from Group 2 of the Birth Docs Group) measured me and found out I was only 2cm dilated, but after explaining the progression of my first two births she told me to go for an hour walk and come back. So we left the intake area and walked around outside. Looking back now, we must have been a site - we we’re catching pokemon - squatting - swaying - swearing (mostly just me doing that) all things that helped me.  Luckily I had my doula telling me what to do, and I listened to her - because if it was coming out of Matt’s mouth I wouldn’t have. After a round outside and a couple more walks through the empty hallways of Women’s I was ready to be checked again.  I was at 4 cm and was ready to be admitted.  I asked to be directly put into my pool (or poo-la as my 2.5 year old says)! I hated that they made me walk up there but once I got in the room I did not care - I immediately stripped down and warmed by sore body in the water.

At midnight, I was beginning to feel immense pain radiating down my legs so I asked to be checked one more time, with the thought in my head that if I was 6 cm or under I would get the epidural but if I was 7 cm or over I would just have to grin & bare it - literally. Well Kate (the Doctor) told me I was 6 cm almost 7 cm - that didn’t help so I asked for the drugs. The blessing in disguise was the nurse wasn’t able to get the IV in right away so she went off to find another nurse.  I had the gas thrown into me and I tired to ride the wave of this 3rd stage of labour, and although they did get the IV in me - it was too late - I was ready to push. 3 contractions/pushes later Madison was out, and luckily Kate got down there in time because she didn’t believe me at first when I told her she was coming out :)

I have to say even though this was my 3rd birth it was an amazing experience because of the people I had around me including our Doula (which I now HIGHLY recommend especially for parents that have more that one child already at home), Jenn - (again I never thought I would have enjoyed birth photography but now seeing these pictures I cannot believe I missed out on my first two). Jenn was amazing at all points of my birth process, even the nurses loved her, and now I get to send a special memory not only to our family but also to our birth Doctor Kate - who I found out after that this was her first year out of residency and Madison was not only her 1st birth as the Primary Doctor but also her first water birth!

I am also thankful to share this special time with you as well as my Vancouver Active Moms & Moms to Be community and look forward to see more Birth Stories from Jenn!

Much Love,


Founder, Vancouver Active Moms & Moms to Be

View her slideshow below! 

Thank you Katharine for letting me capture and share this incredible intimate moment in your family's life, and for all your kind words! 

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